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Mad Talk Helsinki Podcast
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During the 4th Season of Mad House, we launch the new podcast series called Mad Talk Helsinki. Together with Raisa Omaheimo adn Emil Johansson we meet the artists of the season and talk about the performances and the live art scene itself. New podcasts available each week.

12th Episode
In Finnish with artist Masi Tiitta from the performance Consolation and two active spectators, Jussi Keskitalo and Linnea Peurakoski.

11th Episode
In Finnish with artist Henriikka Himma from the performance Kauneudesta and coreographer Petri Kekoni who celebrating Kekoni Company's 10th anniversary with a mini festival.

10th Episode
In Finnish with performance artist and curator Leena Kela and festival director Katariina Metsälampi from children's culture festival Hurraa.

9th Episode
In Finnish with artists Taito Hoffrén and Martina Marti, both participating in Mad Audio Days minifestival.

8th Episode
In English with Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra Lolax and Stina Nyberg, the artists of performance Immunsystemet.

7th Episode
In Finnish Mikko Niemistö, artist of the performance Birthday and in English Veronika Bökelmann & Moran Sanderovich from Volumen Express, Sisters

6th Episode
In English with stand up comedian and You Can't Be Serious - Political Stand-Up Show organizer Jamie MacDonald and performance artist Gertjan Fransiscus/from in the light.

5th Episode
In Finnish with Mad House producer Heidi Backström and singer-songwriter Tuomas Peurakoski.

4th Episode
In Finnish with Juha Valkeapää, solo artist of Teloitetut tarinat performance and Jenni Bergius from improvisation theatre Häpeämättömät

3rd Episode
In English, with Erich Weidle, director of Goodbyes

2nd Episode
In Finnish, with David Kozma, director of Greetings from Zonngary, Zooropa live installation

1st Episode
In Finnish, with Annika Tudeer and Sonja Jokiniemi.