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Tickets: 10-20€
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Language / Kieli: English
15 April, 2021 17:00
16 April, 2021 17:00
17 April, 2021 11:00

Aequilibria Workshop
15. and 16.4. at 17-20 & 17.4. at 11-15 | price 10-20€
Access to the Zoom platform is needed.
Registration is closed.

Cordero’s work revolves around questions of intimacy, sen-xuality and corporality and the limits and possibilities of sharing – how bodies connect and how limits and conventions can be used or broken to generate new ways of being together.

Aequilibria Workshop is an artifact, an encounter, an adventure, a sort of pleasant balm to train the idea of being, of being together, moving-affecting-challenging and taking full-care of ourselves and each other.

It presents a series of practices around the question: when we are deprived of things like touch, body sensations, fluids and the "collective", how can we reach intimate experiences from a distance and build a sense of being and creating togetherness?           

During three days I propose a routine of experiences and experiments where to work the idea of distance, the limits of sharing, and to question and reframe what does it mean together.

The knees than hurt, the contexts that never help, our surrounding and its affects, anti-starring ourselves, collaborating with other bodies, the planets, the magic, the hunger, the grass, the wind, the maps, the trust-or-not-trust, the wood, the listening and the desire will be themes by which we will derive, deep and nicely.           

Using, respectfully, George Perec ́s Species of Spaces and Other Pieces we will get involved on a cartographic and experiential journey from the micro to the macro, from within to other far-away universes.               

Though Zoom will be our initial way of meeting, our point of departure, it will not be a virtual workshop.

The workshop is open for all!
The participants will receive more information before the workshop. We kindly remind that the workshop is a 3 day process and participants are expected to commit for all the days.

Aitana Cordero is a mover, a curious, a wonderer, a reader, a Gemini, a cook, a mother. She is based in Spain and the Netherlands, and her work has been seen widely around the world.