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Jessy Razafimandimby: Angela

Arsenic jessy 13
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Tickets: pääsymaksuton / free entrance / grattis inträde
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BAD HOUSE artist in recidency 2020

Jessy Razafimandimby is a visual artist born in Tananarive (Madagascar), he lives and works in Geneva (Switzerland). Razafimandimby obtained a Bachelor degree in visual arts at the Haute Ecole d’ Art et de Design in Geneva in 2018. 

Razafimandimby borrows graphic and visual elements from comic book culture, magazines for housewives during and after the war, French cinema of the 1960s and jazz culture. He has recently begun to evaluate the domestic space as a place where home, as it has been established in common belief, should be a task exclusively for women. During his last solo exhibition called "Droit de Visite de Digestion" at the Arsenic in November 2019, Razafimandimby invested the black box of the theater with an installation of variable furniture objects aimed at transforming the space of reflection and quietude worthy of a bourgeois living room after an invasion of drawings, the decor as well as the rules are overturned. A performance then gave another composition and dimension to the exhibition like the soundtrack of a film. Razafimandimby is particularly interested in the motifs, the ornament, which are pure landscapes at the bosom of an inner landscape. His painting is a reflection on the need to surround oneself with objects in order to feel alive, to attach oneself to palpable or non-palpable materials in order to better detach oneself from them.

Razafimandimby's installation Angela will be open for audience during the festival week at Mad House Helsinki.