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Tickets: 10 € | 5 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration | kesto | längd: ~45 min
Language: English and Finnish | kieli: englanti ja suomi | språk: engelska och finska
23 July, 2021 18:00
24 July, 2021 10:00
24 July, 2021 23:00

Tickets are now available! 

Kosketuksen kaikuja (Echoes of touch) is a ‘performance study’, in which the audience strolls in the Mad House environs. The performance studies how the city unfolds before us as a multi-sensory entity, when instead of simply walking and looking we explore new perspectives on familiar environments through movement and touch.

How does the skin meet the city? What do the buildings around us feel like? Do they create spaces for free play, spaces in which to encounter an other and the Other? Does the surrounding city awaken empathy for the fellow man in us or does it distance us from the Other?

Come along to share experimental spaces!

The performance begins at the Mad House, and we will begin our tour together in the Teurastamo area. The audience is invited to look, to touch, to listen, to experiment, and to move together with the performers. You may also participate simply by observing.

Performers: Anna Olkinuora, Majella Clarke, Mercedes Balarezo
Photos: Virpi Velin
Reader: Hosanna Megumi

Funded by the City of Helsinki

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