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Tickets: 5 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration | kesto | längd: 4 hours (includes a 30 min break)
Language: English and Finnish | kieli: englanti ja suomi | språk: engelska och finska
18 July, 2021 10:00

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Anna Olkinuora will conduct a workshop, elaborating on the praxis employed in the Kosketuksen kaikuja performance.

The workshop is meant for anyone interested in performing arts, architecture, or otherwise in the theme of the performance. No prior engagement with the field is required. The activities focus on skin as an agent of information, and on movement as a creator of knowledge. How do we gather information through moving and touching? What do different surfaces and materials feel like, if we focus on them through the sense of touch, without the help of the visual sense? How do these sensations resonate in the body? How does this resonance shift from one between a person and the built environment to one between two human beings?

In the workshop, each participant may explore the theme from their own perspective, with a freely formed movement, alone or together.

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