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Anne Naukkarinen & Maarit Mustonen: On keeping a notebook | WORKSHOP

Tickets: 5€
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Pre-registration | ilmoittautuminen: email mukaan@madhousehelsinki.fi
Language | kieli: Finnish & English
Duration | kesto: 3h/day/päivä
28 May, 2021 16:00
29 May, 2021 12:00

On keeping a notebook is a workshop offering us a chance to delve into the practice of keeping notes, using different tools such as text, bodily movement, sound or image. What’s the significance of notes in your own life and work? How do private, subjective notes relate to public and shared space? What kind of worlds, associations and information can different people’s notes create together?

One spread of a notebook, one body or one image might end up including a shopping list, some theoretical ponderings, doodles and emotional outbursts. Together we explore how notes of a private, fragmented or unremarkable nature can question established and dominating stories, images and corporealities.

The workshop is aimed at people working within the arts as well as at anyone for whom notes are of importance. Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen are Helsinki-based artists who have worked together since 2014, producing performances, publications and installations.

The workshop will be held via Zoom. Please register by sending an email liput@madhousehelsinki.fi. First come, first served.