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Antti Kankkunen & Mitalipojat + Marja-Liisa

Tickets: 5 €
Location : Mad Bar View on map

09 February, 2018 21:00

Two young Finnish bands with an eye for American roots.

Antti Kankkunen & Mitalipojat:
Antti Kankkunen is a young singer-songwriter in the early stage of his career. He combines something new, something old, something very Finnish and something special with an American twist in his music.

Antti Kankkunen (vocals, guitar)
Ossi Maristo (guitar, lapsteel)
Kasperi Kallio (keyboard)
Arttu Kuusisto (bass)
Konsta Lehmonen (drums)

Marja-Liisa plays Finnish melancholic folk-pop that believes in a better day-after-tomorrow.

Lissu Kirves (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Linda Lopperi (vocals, percussions)
Visa Högmander (vocals, lead acoustic guitar)
Ilari Munck (vocals, percussions, cajon)