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Tickets: 18 / 12/ 10 / 4 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration / Kesto/ Längd approx. 1 h
Language: Finnish and English / kieli: suomi ja englanti / språk: finska och engelska
LAPSIPALVELUS | ENSI-ILTA: 13 November, 2021 15:00
14 November, 2021 15:00
16 November, 2021 18:00
18 November, 2021 18:00
20 November, 2021 15:00
21 November, 2021 15:00

Child Service is a performance where adult and child artists together study children and childhood. The adult artists approach the child by means of mimicry and imitation, using documentary material as a basis, while the child performers take the role of experts by experience.

In Child Service, we see and hear Nora Rinne and Katri Soini imitating children’s speech and movement, mimicking but not mocking them, producing an otherness through serious practice and a sincere approach. Could mimicry, such an essential method for learning and developing a child’s sense of empathy, also function as an ethical tool for adults, help them understand others and share a joint world? The child artists, Aale and Aarni RinneOliver Tervolin and Okko Yli-Vakkuri, perform and control the space together with lighting designer Luca Sirviö. The performance texts are produced by the chiildren. The choreography is by Joona Halonen.

Spectators of all ages are welcome. We especially welcome children. Small children are free to move around the venue and leave and return at will.

Working group: Nora Rinne, Katri Soini, Joona Halonen, Luca Sirviö, Aale Rinne, Aarni Rinne, Oliver Tervolin and Okko Yli-Vakkuri

Please note that the performances on 16th and 18th of November will be video recorded.


Child Service is the first artistic part in Nora Rinne’s doctoral research project “Children and Childhoods in Intergenerational Performance Art”, conducted at The Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy.

Tutkimushankkeen ohjaajat / Supervisors: Tuija Kokkonen ja/and Mika Ojakangas.

Funders of the performance and the research project: Taiteen Edistämiskeskus, Koneen Säätiö, Otto A. Malmin lahjoitusrahasto, Helsingin kaupunki ja Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulun Esittävien taiteiden tutkimuskeskus / Art Promotion Center Finland, Kone Foundation, Otto A. Malm Foundation, Helsinki City, and University of the Arts Helsinki’s Performing Arts Research Centre.