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Elina Rantasuo & Sanna Ritvanen: TAIVU KUIN TAIKINA | WORKSHOP

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Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration | kesto | längd: 3 hours
Language: Finnish | kieli: suomi | språk: finska
09 August, 2021 17:00
10 August, 2021 17:00
11 August, 2021 14:00

Registration is open now!

Welcome to a multi-sensory workshop, which introduces its participants to the soothing process of sourdough baking, and physical activities.

During the three hour workshop, we prepare our own sourdoughs ready for the oven. While we bake, we do some some physical exercises on the floor in pairs. In the exercises we concentrate on presence, listening and bodily exploration. While we knead the dough, we strive for a doughlike existence, in which we can stretch, expand, rise, and develop.

The participants are welcome to take their dough home with them to bake.

Please dress in warm and comfortable clothing.

We bake with wheat flour, so the workshop is not suitable for anyone sensitive to gluten.

The workshop is meant for adults, but an adult may participate with an adolescent (13 year and older).

The workshops are in Finnish.

Fellow folders Elina Rantasuo ja Sanna Ritvanen

The registration opens in July. There are space for 6 pairs (altogether 12 participants)

Please register here.
Note: The workshop on 10 August is fully booked!