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Tickets: 18 / 12 / 10 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Dates and time TBC | esitysajankohdat tarkentuvat myöhemmin
Language | kieli | språk: English
Content warning: The performance will touch upon topics that might be difficult to some, such as: mental health struggles, suicide, psychiatric hospitals, queerphobia.
25 November, 2021 19:00
26 November, 2021 19:00

i think life is a bit absurd. there must have been a general meeting about how to be a real human person, but i missed it. maybe i was late and the doors were already locked, or i thought it was supposed to happen next week, or my invitation got lost in transit alongside my gender identity, or maybe i did go to the meeting but didn’t pay enough attention? either way, i’m trying to catch up and become a real human person now. “jellyfish” is a stand-up comedy turned lie-down dramedy (because idk about you but i’m a bit tired these days) that talks about how weird it is to be human sometimes, but at least we’re in it together.

zuz (they/them) is a professional oversharer working with words, stories, bodies, sadness, and play.

Photo: Zuz


Please note that the events will be video recorded.