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Juha Biitsillä

Tickets: 12/18€
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration: c. 1 h
Language: doesn't base on language
15 November, 2019 18:00
16 November, 2019 18:00

The authors traveled to Pori in August 2018. They asked each other: “Where do you come from?”. “I am coming from my Dad´s Ray-Bans. My mother’s rheumatoid arthritis and earrings. From alcoholism and apple slices cut with a hunting knife. From dressing up fancy, and from the image of a man from which one cannot recognize himself.”

Juha Biitsillä is a piece produced by an artist, Juha Valkeapää, and a producer duo, Biitsi. It is an hour-long presentation of pictures, sounds, and gestures of everything we receive and convey, whether we like it or not.

The Biitsi duo makes music and performances. Hei Pykäri mikä meininki?! performance at G Live Lab caused a lot of confusion last year.
Juha Valkeapää is a sound artist and performer whose works have been widely performed in Finland and abroad for over two decades.

Photo: Biitsi
Production: Juha Valkeapään Ääni, Biitsi and Lainsuojattomat festival
Support: Arts Promotion Center