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Juuso Kekkonen (FI): DONALD or, How America became Trump’s America

Tickets: 15/10/8
Location : Mad Bar View on map

Duration: 90 min
Language: in Finnish
15 March, 2018 19:00
22 March, 2018 19:00

How did a character like Trump end up leading the most powerful nation in human history Finland’s queer sweetheart Juuso Kekkonen aims to find out in his brand new comedy special. Donald is a mind-bending stand up show about USA and Donald Trump before his presidency. In Donald Kekkonen intertwines the often entertaining and terrifying US political history with The Donald’s life story. The result is a horrifyingly hilarious account of one of the world’s weirdest political shocks.

If you’ve ever wondered how the hell did we end up in this situation, this show is for you!