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Karolina Kucia: The Story of Leaving

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Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Kesto/Duration 75 min
09 October, 2020 18:00
10 October, 2020 18:00

The ticket sale starts in the autumn!

Ittt is a stttory of a tttt…, tttt… on tttthe ttttable.
Whole t…., peeled tt…, diced ttt…, chopped ttt…, ketttchup. 

The story ponders on a possibility of leaving, leaving from the place of production of ttt.., from the place of production of the stories of leaving … from the place “we” are in, now and place next to it.

“- Wait a minute… and what is that “we”?
- Seems impossible.”

This performance is based on mass vegetable production in Southern Europe and its' relationship to Central/Northern Europe and Northern Africa. The performance portrays three interrelated forms of production, three collectivities at work: the "sea of plastic" - a greenhouse area in Almeria, in Spain; the nearby Spanish Hollywood and film set of "Exodus"; then finally this performance itself.

Tomatoes, the only ones who travel through all the places, tell the story. The narrative and characters of the performance are monstrously blown up, parasitically interconnected, real yet fabricated. They grow out of a collection of stories of inadequacy, unease and hypocrisy in labor structure.

Inflatable Object – inflating and deflating
Smoking Object – smoking occasionally
Ttttt…’s – impersonating all the characters
Mini projector - projecting
Karolina Kucia - talking, operating, manipulating tttthings, pretending
Reproductions of the film set “Exodus – Gods and Kings” by Ridley Scott, rotting in Sierra Alhamilla – here mostly standing

Credits: coauthorship of the smoking object - Zosia Hołubowska,

Coauthorship of the video image - Tero Nauha, contribution to the text - Spitou Mendy – spokesman for SOC-SAT Almeria, members of SOC-SAT Nijar, Airi Triisberg, fragments from “Enduring Innocence” by Keller Easterling’s, Paolo Virno’s various writings on exodus, An Paenhuysen talk in Goethe Institut, Helsinki and then also: Age & Scarpelli / Luciano Vincenzoni / Sergio Leone (script for “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”) and either Adam Cooper or Bill Collage or Jeffrey Caine or Steven Zaillian (script for “Exodus, Gods and Kings”).


Karolina Kucia is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Helsinki. She combines theoretical and practical approach in her artistic work with objects, group processes and performance.