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Jana Unmüßig in collaboartion with Pie Kär: LOOOOOOOOONG TITLE

Tickets: 5€
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Language: English | kieli: englanti | språk: engelska
Duration | kesto | längd 30 min
03 June, 2021 18:00
03 June, 2021 18:45
03 June, 2021 19:30
05 June, 2021 14:00
05 June, 2021 14:45
05 June, 2021 15:30

LOOOOOOOOONG TITLE is a polyphonic texture where different modalities of materials – read text, instructions for doing something with the body, paintings, some kind of dancing – co-carry thoughts nearby breathing, touch, meandering. The space is activated by Pie Kär and Jana Unmüßig. The people visiting the situation of activation (also known as audience, public) are invited to join the activation as co-wit(h)ness.

LOOOOOOOOONG TITLE asks co-wit(h)nesses to practice together with Pie Kär and Jana Unmüßig different modalities of sharing the space. At times the proposal molds into the format of workshop.

With the support of the Center for Artistic Research of Uniarts Helsinki and Goethe-Institut Finnland.

This is a reformulation of the ongoing artistic research project Breathing With, a collaboration between Berlin-based performer and choreographer Miriam Jakob and Helsinki-based choreographer Jana Unmüßig. The reformulation is made specifically for the space of MAD HOUSE Helsinki together with Helsinki-based artists Pie Kär. Deep gratitude to Miriam Jakob, and Salla Salin who acts as dialogue partner for LOOOOOOOOONG TITLE.

Jana Unmüßig (she/her) is an artist and artist-researcher with a background in choreography based in Helsinki. 2008 – 2015 Jana´s practice has focused on making choreographies for the context of an international circuit of black box theaters. Since 2015, she has enjoyed following a multi-directional artistic practice by means of writing, paintings, dramaturgy, teaching and different collaborative working situations. Currently, together with her collaborator Miriam Jakob, she is a fellow at the Artistic Research Program Berlin.

Pietari Kärki alias Pie Kär (they/them) is a choreographer, dancer, and performer based in Helsinki. Their current work focuses on social choreography and the choreographic aspects within society. Since 2020, Pie Kär has been working part-time as a dramaturg for social choreography for the Moving in November contemporary dance festival in Helsinki, under the artistic direction of Kerstin Schroth. Their freetime Kär spends learning the crafts of gardening and singing.