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Quim Bigas: Molar

Molar quim bigas bassart teatro 240217 006
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Tickets: 12/18€, Festivaalipassi 35€
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MOLAR is a somatic (non)solo work that uses the representative and the inquiry of emotions in order to converse on the way we move and are moved.

As a first impulse and trigger for our working imaginary in MOLAR, the word "happiness" appears; we envision “happiness” as a performative state with established rules of behavior. Finally, the main idea of this proposal has been to work with images linked to states of happiness (the Coca-Cola advertising, the euphoria of a goal, some music, the excitement of a hyper-motivated person, etc.) and develop a device which (re)presents a range of images that appear and disappear and are relatable to happiness; "Special Feeling"; BE COOL. That archive of images and references allows us to point at the representative aspect of emotions in our current Western society. 

During the presentation of the work, there are several (re)personifications of happiness with the body as the main agent as well as some audio or visual supports which enhances even more the concept of emotional merchandise. In this case, we have a special interest in dealing with emotions as that “thing” which is being (re)presented, is being (re)introduce, it is (re)present and is (re)shaping. 

Mass mobilization and its identification with emotions are of special interest in this work. Thus the work puts on stake collective emotions as an important source of movement to today's society. (For instance, the epic of football is a great example.) Due the current advertising procedures, we are introduced to happiness as something we can buy, we can get and we are asked to constantly keep buying and seeking for the happiness we wish for. 

Acclaimed by critics and audience, MOLAR has been present in the most relevant Festivals in Spain, such as: Festival Sismògraf, Fira Tàrrega, Festival Trayectos or TNT and is still on touring.

Quim Bigas (1984) was born in Barcelona. Artist working within the fields of choreography, performance arts, information and education. Since 2007 combines performing for other people, collaborations and his own work.