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Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Language: English | kieli: englanti | språk: engelska
Duration | kesto | längd max. 120 min

To participate, it is necessary to register.
No prior knowledge or experience of the topic is required.
More information will come upon registration.
There are 11 seats for the event. If needed, the event will take place outdoors to guarantee the safe distances.
16 June, 2021 19:00
17 June, 2021 19:00

Meeting agenda: Discussion for the unification of Gromo, Valgoglio, Gandellino and Valbondione municipalities.


Just after the municipal election in Finland takes place, the artist Tea Andreoletti turns into the mayor of her hometown Gromo (IT), and presents Call for stand-in mayors and councillors at Mad House.

The performance is an imaginary city council meeting where the audience takes the roles of the council members and mayors of the four villages in the Upper Seriana Valley (IT). Together, they discuss the necessity of the union of Gromo, Valgoglio, Gandellino and Valbondione for the future thriving and more opportunities of the villages. Currently, the general atmosphere of the villages is rather conservative, and together the performance would like to imagine a different vision of the future through foreigner’s sensibilities.

The report of the meeting - with the considerations, dialogues, and proposals - will be translated into Italian, and it will be made available to the population of the valley. Mainly, the artist will present the report at the municipal assembly dedicated to this topic, scheduled for 2022.

Call for stand-in mayors and councillors is the second act of a long-term project that triggers a dialogue between Tea Andreoletti artistic practice and the Upper Seriana Valley’s socio-political processes.


Tea Andreoletti (Gromo, IT). She was trained in the Orobic mountains of northern Italy and carried them into her nomadism practice. She relies on oral documentation, leaving traces in the stories of the people she meets. Tea is an artist that works as a storyteller, water-sommelier, guided tour writer, and non-professional fencer. Among her future plans is to run for mayor in the municipal elections of Gromo in 2026.