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Jay Mar Albaos: Kato'ng Gipangsabwag Gikan sa Mga Langit - Those Who Were Scattered From the Heavens

Tickets: Free / maksuton / gratis
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map


To grow is a vague attestation to existing. As a process, growing requires space and time. Though it exhibits physical change, growing remains temporal. To grow remains contingent on natural or man-made situations.

This durational piece reflects such vagueness and temporality with regards to labor migration. In an age where moving to and from destinations in order to seek “greener pastures" is steadily shifting geopolitics and global ideologies, it is important that we consistently take into account labor migrants. In many layered ways, these bodies experience one of the most precarious existences there is.

Jay Mar Albaos (PH/FI) currently explores how labor migrants create places and “become” in foreign environments.  He moves from doing solo pieces to working with communities, silent protests to public-sensitive interventions, research and creative writing, working and doing nothing.

The piece consists of two parts: planting the seeds, growing them and the harvest celebration.

13.9 planting the seed during the Mad House opening event (18.00-19.00);
14.9 (11.00-12.00); 15.9 (13.00-14.00); 16.9 (18.00-19.00); 17.9 (18.00-19.00); 18.9 (18.00-19.00); 19.9 (18.00-19.00);
and 20.9 (19.00-20.00) & Harvest Celebration 20.00-22.00. More info here