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Vishnu: Talking about the Code RED

Tickets: vapaa pääsy/ free entry / fritt inträde
Location : Mad Bar View on map

Duration: c. 25 min
Kieli: englanti
08 February, 2018 21:00

Vishnu - Is a Hyderabad born, Helsinki based body philosopher.
Her work mainly addresses her personal experiences.
She uses art as a tool of personal as well as social empowerment. Her aim is to create ripples and repercussions with her performances, to provoke, the set thoughts of people that are looking onto her. Especially those that are connected to her globally. 

Metaphorically speaking, Vishnu wants to be the elephant that clears out the path for the other animals in the wild patriarchy.


ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE Talking about the Code RED

Using the animals
I killed a lamb today.
Shark week.
Hullun Lehman tauti

Using family ties
My little sister has come
Granny's stuck in Traffic
Aunt Flo

Using flag metaphors
Flying the Japanese flag
Flying the Red flag

Some Other ways
Red Sea
Riding the red waves
Red wedding (referring game of thrones Season 3 Episode 9)

Spoiler Alert : You are not a father again. (Sorry that is very heteronormative)

These are the creative ways I have avoided saying I bleed... Would you like to hear more ?