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The Center for Everything (FI): Constitutive Meeting of The AI Party

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Tickets: 15 / 10 / 8 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in Finnish and English
28 February, 2018 16:00
01 March, 2018 16:00
02 March, 2018 19:00
02 March, 2018 22:00

”Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” 
Vladimir Putin (speaking about AI to schoolchildren)

We are living through a global, political, and environmental crisis of unknown proportions and destinations. Our human capacity for governance has demonstrated a long history of failure. With THE AI PARTY initiative we have a chance to formulate and test new approaches to the challenges we face by asking the question: Is it time to give another kind of intelligence the opportunity to do it better? 
THE AI PARTY establishes a new political party led by an artificial intelligence. Bringing together artists, performance-makers, and AI researchers the initiative will focus on the legal formation of an actual political party in preparation for a series of online and public events. THE AI PARTY is both a large-scale performance and the start of a new political movement. The realization at Mad House is the official constitution of the Finnish AI Party.
Wed 28.2. at 4pm – 8pm The AI Party Headquarters
Thu 1.3. at 4pm – 8pm The AI Party Headquarters

The Party Headquarters is the embrace of new political planets. It’s a possibility to test how limitless the sharing of power can be. It’s an immersive playground of politics. 
At the Party Headquarters you can meet various forms of AI, make multisensory political decisions and affect to the formation of a new political party in a concrete way.
You may visit the party headquarters at any time during its opening hours. Admission free.

Fri 2.3. at 7pm Constitutive Meeting of The AI Party (FI), tickets 15 / 10 / 8 €, BUY TICKETS >>>

The Constitutive Meeting gathers together the best rides and games of the political playground.

Fri 2.3. at 10pm The AI Party Party free with the ticket of the Constitutive Meeting, otherwise 5 €
DJ Sansibar
DJ Nunchux

You can take part in all performances and the club both in English and in Finnish. 
Working group: Sami Henrik Haapala, Paula Lehtonen and Aku Meriläinen
Photo: Eleonoora Mikkola
From an original concept by Bombina Bombast (SE), Center for Everything (FI), First Kiss Productions (NO) and Triage Live Art Collective (AU/DE)