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Burmester & Feigl (GER): TEOTWAWKI – Training units for the end of the world (as we know it)

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Tickets: 17.00€ / 12.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Duration: 1,5 h
Language: in English
17 October, 2014 19:00
18 October, 2014 19:00

TEOTWAWKI stands for The End Of The World As We Know It, the end of the present society and social environment. The acronym originated from the movement of the Preppers, survival specialists mostly active in the USA. With food stashes, prayer, private nuclear shelters, first aid training and target practice they prepare their families for survival in social chaos, which they expect to break out after an imminent catastrophe. Huge volcanic eruptions, the collapse of the international economic system, solar flares that would switch of the worlds power and communication grids, and, of course, the zombie apocalypse are some of the favourite scenarios.

Burmester & Feigl explore our massively growing fascination with all types of visions for the end of times, articulated in political prognoses (demographic change, climate change, Eurozone debt crisis etc.), crackpot neo-mythologies (Y2K, Mayan calendar) and popular culture (renaissance of zombie movies). While most of us simply acknowledge these scenarios, amused, scared or thrilled, Preppers take everything seriously. And they act.

For TEOTWAWKI Burmester & Feigl activate all their resources. In a mind blowing performance they mix findings from the Internet and popular culture with their specific brand of action art, game show elements and food preservation experiments.

Because no one knows, which apocalyptic scenario will turn our comfort zones into murderous deserts, each show of TEOTWAWKI takes a different path. The wheel of misfortune turns and decides in the moment, for which catastrophe performers and audience have to prepare this particular evening.