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Cris af Enehielm: Irrational expression in voice and body - workshop

Location : Eskus View on map

Tid för workshopen: Måndag 18.4 kl 12.30-14.30, tisdag 19.4 kl 14-16, onsdag 20.4 kl 9-11, torsdag 21.4. kl 9-11, fredag 22.4. kl 9-11.
Performance 23.4. på natten på Neodada festivalen eller konferensen för omdefiniering av allting.
Workshopen är gratis.
Språk: svenska, finska, engelska.
Anmälningar: info@oblivia.fi, 040-5128234

Workshop: 18.4. @ 12:30-14:30, 19.4. @ 14-16, 20.4. @ 9-11, 21.4. @ 9-11, 22.4. @ 9-11.
+Performance on 23.4. at Neodada Festival

Workshop is free of charge, but sign up is required: info@oblivia.fi, 040-5128234
Languages used: Swedish, Finnish, English

The workshop examines the state of “what wants to come out" through movement, words, sounds and acts. Every workshop day is devided into two sections: first we focus on different impulses and experiences on oneself, then we work with sound improvisation and irrational activities.

The workshop is process oriented. It means that the activities during the workshop consists on what the group unconsciously create together. Group director Cris af Enehielm functions as an “external eye”.

Irrational work opens the mind to the existing impulses and tries to give them a shape. This irrational method forgets the logic and reasons and by this it opens the mind to a complete way of expression.

The workshop offers an opportunity to explore ones own "madness" and to find new forms of expression. "The collective process" ends with a performance at Mad House’s Neodada Festival on Saturday night April 23rd.