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Mhh season4

David Kozma: Greetings from Zoongary, Zooropa

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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Duration: c. 2h
Language: Zoongarian (Finnish-English-Hungarian)
18 January, 2017 19:00
19 January, 2017 19:00
20 January, 2017 19:00
21 January, 2017 19:00

Hello Hungary, what’s going on?

In 1989 Hungary helped more than 50 000 people from East Germany escape to Austria. In 1956, around 200 000 Hungarians fled as refugees from their home country because of the Soviet Union. Now, there’s a border in Hungary that divides the world. You may be able to cross this border with your passport, but can the man standing next to you? Do you remember the Pan-European picnic? How did this border come to be? How were previous borders and walls built? How did they collapse? How did Jobbik become the third largest party in Hungary? What about the Finns Party? What happens here? And why is it allowed? Hallo Brussels! Hello Europe!


During the summer of 2016, director/actor David Kozma took a camera with him and went to see the places of his childhood in Hungary and Transylvania. He felt this trip was necessary because he no longer recognised the world of Europe anymore. Kozma interviewed and filmed many people somehow close to the border between Hungary and the rest of the world. He met an old lady with a barbed wire fence in her backyard, a family with a history of hundreds of years in Transylvania, and a member of Jobbik (the furthest right-wing party in Hungary), to mention some. Kozma will give them all a voice in his latest art piece, the live installation Greetings from Zoongary, Zooropa. Kozma, half Hungarian, half Romanian, now a Finn for ten years, asks himself ”What happened in Hungary, to Hungarians? Am I Hungarian?” and shows the sides and stories of the divided Europe, of the people living and breathing.

Greetings from Zoongary, Zooropa combines classical and electronic music with visual and live art. Pianist László Süle, electric kantele player Senni Eskelinen, electric violinist and computer expert Romulus Chiciuc and actress-singer Ágnes Kaszás will bring composer Béla Bartok’s classic ethno music into today’s world and help to tell the stories and the situation of Hungary, in Tiivistämö, as the first performance of Mad House Season 4.

Working group:
Romulus Chiciuc, Senni Eskelinen, Ágnes Kaszás, David Kozma, László Süle