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Erich Weidle: Goodbyes

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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Duration: c. 1,5h
Language: in Finnish and in English
26 January, 2017 19:00
27 January, 2017 19:00
28 January, 2017 19:00

Life is an eternal goodbye. People move to another country, have distant relationship and loose their loved ones. We concentrate on the final moments of goodbyes, the last hugs, tears and kisses.  We experience the fragility and depth of those moments. The performers are theatre students and many of them are for the first time on stage.

Working group:
Director: Erich Weidle
Working group:
Anastasiia Agafonova (writer, set designer), Pihla Auvinen (actress, writer), Maria del Carmen Hanninen. (writer, translator), Janne Hirvonen (actor, writer), Oona Jama (actress, writer), Saara Pietinen (actress, writer), Alöscha Tschechow (writer, set designer), Vanessa Tuominen (actress, writer) & Kia Winqvist (actress, writer, graphic designer)
In co-operation: Mad House Helsinki, Kansalaisfoorumi & Culture Centre Caisa