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Feminist Comedy Night with Jamie MacDonald

Tickets: 10.00€
Location : Mad Bar View on map

12 February, 2016 19:00
25 March, 2016 19:00
29 April, 2016 19:00

Jamie MacDonald's Comedy Nights continue!
Nights are multilingual, comedians tell their stories in their own language.


Expect political, expect personal, expect different viewpoints. Even from straight men!


Are you looking for a comedy night that is a *guaranteed* safe space free from sexist, ableist, racist, classist, heteronormative, and/or cis-sexist material - or material that wrestles ambiguously with those themes? THIS IS NOT IT, although we're aiming in that direction - at least, if we are offensive, we hope we're offensive in a way that's thought-provoking and entertaining. Come out and make it your place too!

Ihana baari is wheelchair-accessible.