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Geert Vaes: Pretend to be old! -workshop

Geert vaes old
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Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

06 November, 2015 11:00

Geert Vaes works on a piece on aging and dying in his performance Come Watch Me Die (performances on 5ht and 6th of Novemeber). In this workshop he will work with participants on the visual and physical aspects of aging. With silicone and a hairdryer they will age their skin and with sandbags tied to the joints they will investigate the best ways to mimic the aging of the skeleton. The last part of the transformational process will be finding your older voice and dressing ”older”. After these experiments the participants will go into the city and walk and talk as an aged person to see how it feels. If time permits the finale of the workshop will be a parade to the cemetery! The whole process of this workshop will be filmed. The workshop is held in English.