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Gnab Collective (FI): Hamlet private

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Tickets: 25/20 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in Finnish and English
Duration: 30 min
18 January, 2018 18:15
25 January, 2018 18:15
01 February, 2018 18:15
15 February, 2018 18:15
08 March, 2018 18:15

On Thurdays at the Bar @ 18.15, 19.00, 19.45 & 20.30
For one spectator at a time


Hamlet by William Shakespeare, classic of classics: maybe you remember it from school, or maybe you just have a vague image of something you feel you should know. Now you can get to know Hamlet in a very private way. In just half an hour, in the relaxed atmosphere of the Mad House Bar, you can experience a personal version of the classic play, which unfolds directly in your imagination.

Martina Marti created the concept of Hamlet private in 2012 together with performer Cécile Orblin and set-designer Marion Maisano. Since then she has created new international versions with five performers in Germany, Denmark and Italy. Since 2017, Martina shuffles the cards and performs Hamlet private herself. The visual design of the performance was created by photographer Emma Suominen and graphic designer Aino Nieminen.

Working group: Martina Marti, Aino Nieminen & Emma Suominen