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Heikki Saure: Kirjoituksia maasta & Dadamachine

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Heikki Saure’s art pieces Kirjoituksia maasta and Dadamachine are featured in Mad House from  5-27 February 2016.

Kirjoituksia maasta (Writings from the Ground) is based on pieces of written paper and other objects with handwritten text, numbers or other marks that Saure has found on the ground. Heikki has collected the objects for more than 20 years. This is the first time that all of his findings are shown at the same time and place.

Dadakone/Dadamachine is a poetry generator. It’s loaded with words that have been found from the ground as a part of Kirjoituksia maasta.

Dadamachine liberates words from their original meaning. You may put your own meaning to each word.

Heikki Saure is a writer and artist living in Lahti, Finland.