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Mira Kautto (FI): House of no hope

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Tickets: 15 / 10 / 8 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

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Duration: 50 min
25 January, 2018 20:15
27 January, 2018 20:00

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House of no hope is a solo born from my desire to spend time with the weltschmerz/melancholia that I have experienced for as long as I remember. I have often superficially disregarded it or disengaged with it, even if it has been affecting many of my decisions and actions, covering me like fog that blocks the view and hides all the other possible views. It is not concrete or material, I can’t face it or deal with it or even properly consider it or understand how expansive it is. All of this feels naïve and slightly hysterical. House of no hope
is dancing to music, defeated with all hope gone. -
Mira Kautto

Mira Kautto is a Helsinki-based dance maker. Kautto considers performance as often strange social construction, and is intrigued by limits, habits and possibilities of watching and being seen. Alongside making performances Kautto works as a performer for other artists and is a part of Esitysradio and Ehkä-production's artistic group.

Direction and choreography: Mira Kautto
Performing: Anna Torkkel
Photo: Hamish MacPherson