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Janne Saarakkala: Talking Head

Tickets: 10.00€
Location : Mad Bar View on map

Language: in Finnish 31.3. & 1.4., in English 21.4.
31 March, 2016 19:00
01 April, 2016 19:00
21 April, 2016 19:00

A dream come true. A one-man show in which the performer speaks everything that comes into his mind in the moment. Everything. A head filled with intimate thoughts, memories, observations from the surroundings and the audience, notes of feelings and bodily sensations, cultural imperatives, unavoidable trash and momentary flashes of insight. What does he think when he sees you? What does he think while he executes a task like ”Do the Marina Abramović in MoMA”?

The key experience is not the content of the head that oscillates between funny, provoking and bland, but the presence of a living mind that is never silent. The performance reveals how we are entwined in a hidden interactive process. Spectators’ reactions affect the performer immediately. Besides following the performer, the spectator is also following his or her own thoughts and sometimes the division between the performer and the spectator may disappear…

Talking Head is written, directed and performed by Janne Saarakkala.