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Klockricketeatern: Joka neljäs - Charity Performance

Tickets: 40.00€
Location : Tiivistämö Lobby View on map

Orginal text: Den där fjärde - Benny Haag
Direction: Anna-Luise Bertell
Actor: Carl Alm
Production: Klockriketeatern
07 April, 2016 18:00

Joka neljäs - a charity performance for Department of Oncology.

Joka neljäs is a praised one mans play, telling a story of what happens when life suddenly turns into a rollercoster.

Theres a panel discussion after the play. Among the panelists are the founder of Syöpäklinikka tukijat and former minister Elisabeth Rehn, CEO Mikael Jungner and Professor Heikki Joensuu.

Tickets cost 40€. Half of the proceedings are directed to help patients in Department of Oncology There are limited amount of tickets, so get your own quickly by sending an email to syopatautienklinikan.tukiry@kolumbus.fi