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kadrinoormets: An hour of(EST) & Tero Nauha: Man-a-machine (mad version)

Tickets: 17.00€ / 12.00€
Location : Tiivistämö Lobby View on map

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kadrinoormets & Kadi Maria (EST): “an hour of”
ero Nauha: Man-A-machine: Mad Version
16 October, 2014 19:00

“an hour of” takes the dancers to a sporty trek, where, through the context of contemporary club culture, they have returned to the basics of art making – be at the moment, enjoy what you have got, and tell a story.

Tero Nauha's Man-a-machine is an inquiry of affective, carnal, sexual, instrumental, material and discursive connotations of life. The performance is an exploration on dandyism, excess, oppression and embodiment of capitalism.