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Juli Apponen (FI / SE): Life is hard and then you die - part 3

Ticket also includes admission to: Every house has a door: Scarecrow
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Tickets: 15 / 10 / 8 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in English
Duration: 60 min
18 January, 2018 20:30
19 January, 2018 20:30

Life is hard and then you die - part 3 is a performance lecture based on autobiographical material. It is an autobiography of a body and therefore unavoidably also about identity. Through a fractional collage of indescribable pains, psychological fashion reviews, anatomical reports of too many surgeries, memories, astrology, some disturbing ideas and dreams and bureaucratic adventures in gender - it will satisfy your curiosity, possibly more than you even wished for.

Juli Apponen is an artist working mostly with performance and choreography. She produces and tours internationally with several co-operations and projects as well as her own solos – as director, choreographer and performer. Based on the autobiographical she has created several renowned performances besides Life is hard and then you die - part 3 – as the choreogrphy Everything Remains with Jon R Skulberg and Blind Boi Diaries about and with dancer Sindri Runudde. Originally from Finland and now based mostly in Sweden. She studied at the Norwegian Theater Academy.