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Oblivia: Light & Easy - a work about being human

Tickets: 12/18
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Duration: c. 50 min
Language: -
18 September, 2019 19:00
19 September, 2019 19:00
02 October, 2019 18:00
03 October, 2019 18:00
05 October, 2019 16:00
08 November, 2019 18:00
09 November, 2019 16:00

Light & Easy is a performance about time, death and loss, that is seizing and cherishing the moment. On stage, the three performers Timo Fredriksson, Anna-Maija Terävä and Annika Tudeer are creating a strong vocal soundscape.

Light & Easy is also an homage to Oblivia’s founding member Anna Krzystek, who died in a traffic accident in autumn 2017. Anna’s sudden death shocked the company. The performance deals with the grief and is a step towards the time without Anna among us.

Oblivia, a Helsinki based performance company, was founded in 2000 and collaborates with national and international venues, festivals and artists exploring the world that we are living in through contemporary performance. The contact with the audience is at the core of the company’s work, and the significance of how the audience and performers can be together has only increased during the years. Oblivia’s performances are places for reflection and an invitation to imagine and perceive.

Working group:
Devising & performing: Timo Fredriksson, Anna-Maija Terävä and Annika Tudeer
Costume design: Tua Helve
Light design: Meri Ekola
Production: Oblivia
Photo: Saara Autere