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Loiske Ensemble & OSIRIS teatteri: BabyTango

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Tickets: 5.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Part of Hurraa! festival's program
Age recommendation: 0 to 12 months
Duration: 25 min performance + 20 min dancing together
Language: suitable for all languages
20 March, 2017 11:00

Baby Tango – a dance performance and a dance for babies

Baby Tango combines a show experience intended for babies, based on a shared dance session for babies and their companions. Tango is a feeling, it is about listening, a shared flow of movement, surrendering, leading and being led. Baby Tango deals with the relationship between the baby and the parent, which is intense, wonderful, wild, sensitive and unique. It is a state of understanding without words, where movements, gestures, emotions, voices and sounds express what is essential – since there are no shared words yet. Baby Tango is a moment of interaction, communication and love.

Working group:

Performers: Riikka Siirala (dance), Mari Kätkä (accordion).

Choreography: Riikka Siirala.

Sound design and composition: Mari Kätkä.

Lighting Design: Sauli Närhi

Assistance with Directing: Antti Larmola

Costume design: Saija Siekkinen.

Concept: Riikka Siirala, Mari Kätkä and Antti Larmola

Production: Loiske Ensemble and the OSIRIS theatre.