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Mhh season4

Masi Tiitta, Hanna Ahti, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Anna Mustonen ja Anna Torkkel: Consolation

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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Duration: tbc
07 April, 2017 19:00
09 April, 2017 17:00

Masi Tiitta (alongside Hanna Ahti, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Anna Mustonen and Anna Torkkel) is working with the concepts of powerlessness and ineptitude both as bodily experiences and as things that surround us in the world. They try to find ways how to get some consolation while tired.

This piece is curated with the intention of increasing the contemporary psychoanalytical discourse around stage, body and language as a desire for updating and deepening the idea of a subjectivity in the current era. There will be a discussion around the piece and its discourse in the spring of 2017. More specific info will be posted on Facebook closer to the event.