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Mikko Niemistö: Birthday

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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

With a same ticket: Volumen express' Sisters at 8pm.
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Duration: c. 1h
22 February, 2017 19:00
23 February, 2017 19:00
24 February, 2017 19:00

A dismantled solo.

It is born when one gets attached to a dog leash that plays a guitar that plays one.
It is born when one breathes a lamp ”on” and a lamp breathes one ”off”.

There is a mycelium. There is a voice that breaks and turns into an object. There is a vital fermentation process. There is a dying body and a body being born. There is an assemblage of boring objects. There is an assemblage of outworn ideas. There are forgotten movements. There are self-conscious movements. There are embarrassing feelings. There is noise.

Working group:
Concept, choreography and performance: Mikko Niemistö
Visual design: Anastasia Artemeva
Sound: Mikko Niemistö and Johannes Vartola
Mentor: Maija Hirvanen

Mikko Niemistö is a performance artist and a choreographer from Helsinki. He investigates the human body as something that is simultaneously dying and being born, an organism that is unstable, dissolving and that expands to objects and materials around it. The source of agency and its ambiguity, the body formed by the human and the space surrounding it and the connections between the human body and other materials are central in his artistic research. He is interested in the concept of noise as something that can represent interference, obstacles to communication, limitations of beings and objects and things left in the periphery.

Mikko has worked over 10 years in the fields of performance, dance and contemporary theatre and in their borderlands. In spring 2017 he will finish his Master of Fine Arts in Choreography -degree from the New Performative Practices master programme of Stockholms Dans och circushögskolan (DOCH).