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Duration | kesto | längd: ~ 20min
Language | kieli | språk: no problem
19 April, 2021 19:00

niXXXavuori: artfilm

4 floors of whores is a young performance collective from Finland consisting of Emilia Jansson, Riku-Pekka Kellokoski, Herman Nyby and Astrid Stenberg. The group's esthetic and working methods lie at the interchange of physical theater, contemporary choreography, sound art, and performance art - sprinkled with pop culture references and layers of sensuality. Through explorations of dreams, hubris, and desire, fragmented landscapes emerge and evolve into assemblages of moods and atmospheres. A snowy, national romantic landscape provides the frame for niXXXavuori. Through diving into canons of performance art, Finnish theater, and the “cultural performance“ of public celebrations at the market square, the question of shame and guilt as contributing to national identity is raised.

“The children of Niskavuori are so funnily soft-spoken and towheaded”  -Hella Wuolijoki

Performers: Astrid Stenberg, Emilia Jansson, Herman Nyby
Sound design: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski
Cinematographer and editor: Sara Forsius

Duration: ~ 20min
Language: no problem