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Mhh season3

Gnab Collective: REVERIE - Live Video Installation

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Tickets: 5.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in English, also understandable without words
Duration: c. 30 min

02 March, 2016 20:00
03 March, 2016 22:00
04 March, 2016 22:00
05 March, 2016 21:30

REVERIE (a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts)

Two characters meet on the screen and on stage, between coming and going. Is it the moment of truth or a fleeting moment of reverie? 

Reverie is the final piece of a performance trilogy on decision making by Gnab Collective. During the first two parts of the trilogy the group has dissected the moment before and during a decision. After this kind of anatomic study, it is time to close the body. In the third part the theme of decision making fades into the background as the group is looking for colours and tones that capture something of what we might feel when we look back on our lives - lives which are a series of decisions, and yet so much more than the sum of their outcome. 

Directed by Martina Marti
Video by Emma Suominen
Performers Jasmiina Sipilä & Inari Virmakoski
Sound design by Romulus Chiciuc
Costumes by Katerina Zherbina