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Samtalekøkkenet (DEN)

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Location : Tiivistämö Lobby View on map

19 October, 2014 17:00

Samtalekøkkenet is a platform, which introduces performance artists to the wider audience in their home country, Denmark. The guests are engage in a discussion and exchange of ideas. In Samtalekøkkenet the discussion are used as a means to three ends: the development of artworks, the development of a critical, participatory audience, and finally; the development of a new kind of critical feedback and discourse for performative Art.
Samtalekøkken offers free meal and a glass of wine or beer to it's participants. Samtalekøkkenet in Helsinki will be number 26 and it will be hosted by Henrik Vestergaard Friis. Two of Denmarks most progressive artist will show new works: Christian Falsnaes and Søren Berner.