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Sándor Vály: Young Dionysos (Part III - Part IV) - piano concert

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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

With a same ticket Jovanka Trbojevic & co.: B Funeral klockan 19.00
03 March, 2016 20:00
04 March, 2016 20:00

We are here not for your entertainment. If you are here for entertainment, go home.
We are offering you the cathartic experience of pain, the one needed for every creation, for every piece made by humans.

”Young Dionysos” is about authority, madness, breaking the boundaries, unpredictability, scandals, depth, ecstasy, and sexuality. In this concert it comes out as sound, noise and music. This concert is part of a bigger audiovisual production that combines music, painting, woodwork, dance and performance.

Sándor Vály - piano
Sunny Seppä: Loop, sampler and program

Ticket includes also admission to Jovanka Trbojevic & co.: B Funeral