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Serious Introspection with John W. Fail

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Location : Mad Bar Visa karta

6 oktober 2015 18:00
13 oktober 2015 17:00
20 oktober 2015 18:00
27 oktober 2015 18:00
3 november 2015 18:00
10 november 2015 18:00
17 november 2015 18:00
24 november 2015 18:00

Tuesdays at Ihana Baari, 18:00 - 19:00

Put the brakes on the avant-garde with Serious Introspection, a weekly live show hosted by John W. Fail (Ptarmigan, Pixelache, etc.). Each week, John will talk to performers, organisers, curators and producers from Mad House's activities and beyond. The goal is to peel back the layers on the creative process, while seeking direct, human communication. It's intended to be a space for total honesty, and topics may be germane or pleasantly irrelevant. In addition to invited guests and rotating co-hosts, audience members may be invited on stage to discuss their feelings and reactions to what's being discussed. Musical interludes and small, absurdist actions may or may not happen as well.