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/teatteri.nyt: End of Time

2302 end of time
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Tickets: 15.00€ / 10.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

16 October, 2015 19:00

”Friends of space, how are you all? Have you eaten yet? Come visit us if you have time.”
”Greetings to our friends in the stars. We wish that we will meet you someday.”
”Good night ladies and gentlemen. Goodbye and see you next time.”
”How are you?”
”Hello to everyone. We are happy here and you are happy there.”
[Golden Record, which was launched to space in 1977]

End Of Time is a performative installation.
End Of Time is sound, image and actions.
End Of Time tries, together with the audience, to draw close to the unfathomable experience of time that will end, the world that will end, the moments that will end.

Time capsules and reconstructions. Eulogies and video diaries.

Työryhmä / Arbetsgrup / Working group: Markus Heino, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Kirill Lorech and Heidi Väätänen.

Liput / biljetter / tickets: 15/10 €
Kesto / Längd /Duration: c. 1 h

 /teatteri.nyt is a theatre festival organized by Kiasma museum of contemporary arts. This year the festival theme is ”climate change”. Festival programme will be published in the beginning of September