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The Birth of Metafloora

Tickets: 18 / 12 / 10 €
Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo View on map

Language | kieli | språk: English & Suomi
Duration | kesto | längd: 1h~
Doors open | ovet aukeavat 18:45
The Birth of Metafloora | ENSI-ILTA: 01 September, 2021 19:00
03 September, 2021 19:00
04 September, 2021 19:00


Metafloora is a performance band
some of us play instruments some of us don’t
Our songs can be anything
and we dedicate them to the things that bloom,
for those who dream, cry and die

Metafloora is an unruly art collective, a performance band and a research center for emotions born out of its members' desire to be in the band. Metafloora attempts to create a space for brokenness, failure, oblique, distinctive grammars, dreams, and shared moments for daytime naps.

The Birth of Metafloora is a performance-spectacle that invites the viewer to an hour-long gig from dusk to small hours.

Director: Minna Lund
Sound designer: Mimi Kantola
Dramaturgue - playwright: Martta Jylhä
Scenographer - light designer: Saana Volanen
Costume designer: Ella Snellman.

Picture: Milja Laakso

Funded by the City of Helsinki.

Content warnings:
Hyperventilation, loud noices and strong lights, mention of death and strong use of language.

Doors open 15 minutes before the show time.