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Workshop: Karolina Ginman (FI): Encountering the corporeal self & dancing the being

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Tickets: 60.00€
Location : Mad House Helsinki View on map

Language: in Finnish
More information and signups: liput@madhousehelsinki.fi

19 — 22 Feb 2018

Mon-Thu 19.-22.2 10am - 3pm (20h with lunch-breaks)
Demo Thu 22.2 6pm (duration: appr. 1h)

This course approaches perception as a corporeal event, and the perceiving body as an active reflector and conveyer of reality. We melt into our corporeal being and surrender to kinetic dialogues that spring from it’s deepest layers. The controlling mind is calmed though a deeply relaxing preparation, whereafter we tune into releasing our corporeal knowledge as movement in time and space. Quiet dance- and dancer-related norms are gently dismantled, and together we move towards allowing a broader corporeal spectrum in ourselves and in one-another. We let unpredictable sensations, events and actions (movement, voice, language) manifest and redissolve in associative streams, operating shamelessly on the boarder of the permitted/forbidden.

An open demo is arranged at the end of the course. The structure and contents of the demo is agreed upon with the course-participants.The course is suitable for performing art professionals and students.

The course is part of dance artist Karolina Ginman’s long-term artistic project ∞, that reflects upon and deals with humanity in the borderlands of dance and psychoanalytic thinking. The first workshop was held as part of the Nordic Forum for Dance Research: Dance & Democracy - conference in Gothenburg,  June 2017.

Dance artist Karolina Ginman graduated from Laban in 2008 and is currently completing her Master’s Thesis in psychology (Helsinki University in collaboration with the Theatre Academy & Sibelius Academy). She has worked diversely in field of performing arts as dancer, pedagogue and creator of choreographic works in collaboration with varying artistic groups. Recent projects include KARAVAANI 2017 (the Finnish National Theatre), the Soiva Liike (Sounding Motion) - initiative, and works as dancer for choreographers Mikko Orpana, Hanna Pajala-Assefa, Favela Vera Ortiz. Karolina approaches movement as a unique way of studying humanity and reality. She enjoys working with projects that unfold on the boarder of dance and psychology. As from 2018 she works on the board of Nordic Forum for Dance Research.

Instructor: Karolina Ginman
Photo: Hannes Renvall