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MAD HOUSE is a house for Live and Performance Art located in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Mad House welcomes everyone and we do our best to make space accessible and safe for everyone. Live Art is a term that describes the new field of art created in the terrain between the various traditions of performing arts, born in the 21st century.

Nearest metro stops: Sörnäinen and Kalasatama. By car: there are parking spaces for temporary parking along nearby streets.

Mad House is located in Helsinki, in Kalasatama region, in Teurastamo area. Mad House consists of performance space, and Mad House office. There is no separate foyer space in the house.

Accessible toilet can be found in the Teurstamo area. Unfortunately Mad House has no accessible toilet at the moment. The toilet is located upstairs and is accessible only via a staircase. All the toilets in Mad House are gender neutral.

The space is wheelchair accessible. However, there are few steps in the space. Wheelchair users and people with special needs are encouraged to communicate in advance, liput (at) madhousehelsinki.fi, so we can assure the wheelchair mobility and accessibility.

The languages ​​of performances varies, please, find the information on the performance own page. Many works can be enjoyed without language comprehension. People suffering from migraine and other sensory symptoms are advised to familiarize themselves with presentation-specific information. Some of the works may contain flashing lights, powerful sounds, and / or smoke.