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Opening Words for the 5th Season – Season of Acts

The 5th season of Mad House will contain a multitude of acts.

These include e.g. Piercing paper with a pencil, building a guard tower, drinking alcohol, referencing David Wojnarowicz, Having a chat, Making noises, Moving on top of event flooring, Founding a political party, Speaking in Elvish, hanging from a ceiling, listening, watching.

These are no random acts. They resonate, cause snowball effects, forge connections and, who knows, lasting friendships. The acts form their own eco system, which will include artists, members of the audience, production staff, curators, technical staff and bartenders.

One word keeps recurring in the introductions to this season’s artists: “Time”. Our season takes place within a strict time frame but all of the acts listed above connect with the past, the future and spaces beyond time. Above all, they encapsulate the times we are living in, offering fragile, questioning, raw and intimate windows into the present which turn personal experiences into shared ones.

The Opening Words are written by the artist Mikko Niemistö. Mikko is one of the curators of the Mad House Season #5 with Sonja Jokiniemi and Elina Pirinen