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Picture: Milja Laakso / The Birth of Metafloora
Mad House Helsinki will open the fall season 2021 at the Teurastamo performance space in the beginning of September. Before moving to the other location, there will be a rich and versatile repertoire presented on Mad House's garage stage; performance and live art, stage poetry, stand-up and performance concerts. The program includes both works that have been postponed from previous seasons due to the corona virus and works that were originally planned for this autumn. There are as many as seven premieres!
A warm welcome to Mad House! The seats are still limited. Please, buy tickets on time. The tickets will be opened for sale depending on the current restrictions. Stay tuned. Some of the performance dates and times TBC.
FALL 2021
The Birth of Metafloora | PREMIERE
Metafloora is an unruly art collective, a performance band and a research center for emotions born out of its members' desire to be in the band. Metafloora attempts to create a space for brokenness, failure, oblique, distinctive grammars, dreams, and shared moments for daytime naps.
Band members: Ella Snellman, Saana Volanen, Minna Lund, Mimi Kantola, Martta Jylhä


Käsi deals with the hands, gestures and other parts of the body. The performance reaches out toward boundary experiences of the body, language and thinking. It focuses on the processes of emergence, densification, and thinning of meanings and associations.

Working group: Katariina Numminen, Hanna Ahti, Laura Rämä, Atte Kantonen, Julia Jäntti, Johanna Autio, Riitta Röpelinen

FROM THE DEAD AIR ORGY: On The Nature of Things
12.–16.10.2021. Part of the BAD HOUSE -festival

The piece is a series of five broadcasts being transmitted live from a hidden location somewhere on the outskirts of Helsinki. Each broadcast reveals a developing narrative from a location from which the audience has been removed. Each broadcast revolves around the poem On The Nature of Things by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (c.99BC - c.55BC). His poem of atomism, physics, and the understanding of reality will be re-translated through artificial intelligence software to produce a series of premonitions for an imagined future.

Working group: Simon Vincenzi, Will Saunders, Kath Duggan, Tiago Martins Pinto

Helsinki Performance Art Symposium
22.& 23.10.2021

Helsinki Performance Art Symposium offers a glimpse into the range of performance art created in our city. The artists take turns to comment on social matters, open up their inner worlds and ponder on some eternal questions of a universal nature, but also dissect performance art itself – the state and shape of it in the Helsinki of the 2020s.
Artists: Ilkka Sariola, Tomasz Szrama, Irma Optimisti, Sara Kovamäki, Heikki Mäntymaa, Timo Viialainen, Vili Nissinen, Inari Virmakoski and Maija Kivi.

The event was initiated by Maximilian Latva, Joonas Jokiranta and Katri Kainulainen who in the spirit of the symposium also all contribute with their own performances. Antti Ahonen, a photographer specialized in documenting performance art, is also part of the team.

Vappu Jalonen: AU | PREMIERE
25.–31.10.2021. The location TBC / Kalasatama

Inside the apartment is a body that fits it, inside the apartment is an alternate universe. Outside the apartment, people are preparing for the rising sea levels, 200 meters from the apartment there’s a well-being centre. Water’s gushing from the tap, the floor is hot underneath the occupant’s feet, the white noise in the apartment never falls silent.

AU is a speech performance by Vappu Jalonen about the norms of living, weakness and fantasy. Artistic consultation Elis Hannikainen.


Can humor establish a dialogue between different cultures and languages? Is it actually possible to translate comedy? To find out, we have Transquips, a multicultural and multilingual comedy show! Using humor as an unbiased and inclusive platform, Transquips invites people to deliver a comedic performance in different languages, with a real-time translation.

Concept and production: Humberto Duque

Child Service | PREMIERE

Child Service is a performance where adult and child artists together study children and childhood. The adult artists approach the child by means of mimicry and imitation, using documentary material as a basis, while the child performers take the role of experts by experience.

Working group: Nora Rinne, Katri Soini, Joona Halonen, Aale Rinne, Aarni Rinne, Oliver Tervolin and Okko Yli-Vakkuri

Zuz Buchowska: Jellyfish | PREMIERE

Jellyfish is a stand-up comedy turned lie-down dramedy (because idk about you but i’m a bit tired these days) that talks about how weird it is to be human sometimes, but at least we’re in it together.

zuz (they/them) is a professional oversharer working with words, stories, bodies, sadness, and play.


Jamie MacDonald: Cuck | PREMIERE

Cuck is a new stand-up work exploring mockery and liberation, cucks and kings, the woke and the broke, and why we continue to torture ourselves with social media. While invisible actors profit, we provide our anxieties, humiliation, and pain to them for free, and compete for fifteen milliseconds of fame in the hottest take.

Jamie MacDonald is a Helsinki based artist working mostly in the field of stand-up comedy and performing arts.

Nurmi & Mäenmaa: Angela

Angela is a performative spoken word piece that deals with ageing, gender and generations. It gives a fresh and honest take to loss and fear of death. Two young women live fast now, but what happens when they eventually start going grey? Is one’s lovability born out of the illusion of youth? And how credible is an old woman in a position of power? This physical, musical piece explores dread in the face of the inevitable with a unique poetic language and has won acclaim for the ways it pushes the boundaries of art.

Angela is the first joint piece by Aura Nurmi and Emilia Mäenmaa.


Dayjob Collective: Idols 2020 | PREMIERE

Idols 2020 is a concert is a performance is a performance concert is a concert of a performance is a performance of a concert – a cavalcade of idols, altars, and curses in constant transition from the fringes of individual and collective consciousness.
Idols: Salla Hakkola, Ossi Koskelainen, Kaisa Kortelainen, Timothy Page