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Mad House 2019
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Since 2014, Mad House has produced and curated 5 unique seasons in Tiivistämö building in the urban art district of Suvilahti, Helsinki. The years have shown that there is a great need and interest for a dedicated stage for Live Art and Performance Art in Finland. More audiences have reached Mad House each year and artists have discovered what Mad House can be for them and for the scen.

It seems that the time could be right for the first national stage of Live Art and Performance Art in Finland to open. This is why Mad House takes now a small break from the seasonal thinking and Mad House will open its doors again in the autumn 2019. What will Mad House look like then? We don’t know yet, but we are eager to figure it out.

We will inform you about the curating policy as soon as possible.

Thank you all for building this house with us.

Best, Mad House