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Sarah van Lamsweerde and Alma Söderberg make the final duo for Mad House's 5th Season

The fifth season of Mad House is coming to an end. The final weekend, on March 24th and 25th, presents Alma Söderberg's Nadita and Sarah van Lamsweerde's 80 Words.

Alma Söderberg is a Swedish choreographer and performing artist. In her work, sound and motion become equal elements, and through her artistic work she studies how these two intertwine. Söderberg is drawn to the minimalist expression, and in her solo work Nadita no traditional theater conventions are used. Nadita means 'small nothing' in Spanish. The performance Nadita is in itself an act and a pattern that creates a very little thing.

With the same ticket, the audience can also see Sarah van Lamsweerde's work 80 Words. Sarah van Lamsweerde (Brussels-Amsterdam) works between theater and visual art, exploring the breadth between (unknown) languages ​​and mass media phenomena. 80 Words is a project about what happens to a language when there are only 80 words to speak it.

The double shows begin Saturday 24.3 at 19 and Sunday 25.3 pm 15
Tickets: 15/10/8 €, lippu.fi