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New curators for NoMad House Helsinki 2022

Mad House Helsinki welcomes artists Tea Andreoletti and Daniela Pascual as curators for the programme of 2022. At the end of this year, we will leave our venue in Teurastamo and continue our work as NoMad House Helsinki until we find a new permanent venue; Tea and Daniela took this opportunity to build their curatorial proposal around audiences. 

Tea Andreoletti is a performance artist who works as a storyteller, water-sommelier, pilgrimage guide, and non-professional fencer. This year, she started a long-term project that will lead her to run for mayor of her hometown in 2026. She proposes the mayor's figure as a curator who activates dynamics of coexistence.

Daniela Pascual is an artist with a background in social sciences and urban governance. She creates passages between these fields to question inherited narratives and to imagine other ways of being in the world. Daniela works site-responsively, and her research interests include plant life, autonomy, and oracular methods. 

“We wish NoMad House Helsinki to be a connector between artists and their audiences, and we will take this as the thread to concretize the programme and its venues. Rather than asking artists to submit a project for a specific location or theme, we would like to invite them to reflect on whether their work has an intended audience.” 

The open call for NoMad House Helsinki 2022 performances will be published in November. 

Photo: Tingyang Li